In RUPI feels confort. ALL of our residences have internet access via WI-FI.
All RUPI residences are located in downtown. Universities and all transport lines have a quick access.
In RUPI we offer recreational spaces, so you can enjoy your study breaks.
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Córdoba University Residences
· Residence Velez Sarsfield 710 - Tel: 0351-4684954
· Residence 27 de Abril 945 - Tel: 0351-4218835
· Residence Independencia 313 - Tel: 0351-4270884
· Residence Montevideo 59 - Tel: 0351-4251746
· Residence Belgrano 1261 - Tel: 0351-4606362
In RUPI, we know what you need to be confortable and safe.

In RUPI we have an ideal price for every specific needs. Check for individual or shared rooms.

Private University Residences